TV and home theatre hookup, calibration and installations by Matthew Wagenknecht. Great home theatre performance at affordable prices. Get the most from your system.

Matthew Wagenknecht has over 20 years experience in Home Theater and film and video production. As a Director of Photography Matthew has shot features, short films, commercials, music videos etc. on both film and video. Matthew was always frustrated by the experience of watching movies at home compared to a good theater. This led him to become an early adopter of home theater. As a custom installer Matthew has installed and calibrated everything from single TVs to complete component systems including 3D projectors and 7.1 channel and Dolby Atmos sound systems. Matthews experience in film and video production combined with his many years of home theater experience gives him a unique understanding of what it takes to assemble a home theater that presents movies the way the filmmakers intended, as few other installers do.

Most TV dealers will send a technician (usually some kid with a few weeks of training) to you house to set up and calibrate your TV, often charging almost the cost of the TV itself. Matthew Wagenknecht can do this for a fraction of the price and has the experience to guaranty great results.

Most custom installers don’t want to deal with anyone spending under $25,000. Matthew Wagenknecht can help you put together and install a great home theatre for as little as a few thousand dollars that will make you think twice about going out to the movies.

Whether you are just looking to get the best picture from your TV or putting together a high performance home theater with 11.1 channel Dolby Atmos surround sound, or somewhere in between, let Matthew Wagenknecht help you get the best performance for your money.