TV Hookup and Calibration

Nearly all TVs come from the factory set up to catch your eye in a bright showroom. Colors are oversaturated, whites are blown out, blacks are crushed and edge enhancement is turned way up imparting an artificial “video” look on everything you watch.

Nearly all TVs have preset picture modes. Most of these are very inaccurate and will look awful. In order to get an accurate picture it is necessary to go into the custom menu and make adjustments manually using test patterns. I will need the TVs original remote to do this.

A good professional calibration will improve your picture dramatically. Using test patterns on a special Blu-Ray disc I will set your TVs color temperature, brightness, contrast, saturation and tint to the same standards used by professional display monitors used in film to tape transfer and professional color grading. This will allow you to watch movies the way the filmmakers intended them to look with accurate color, detailed whites and true blacks with good shadow detail. It will be the best $100 you ever spent on your system.