Sound System Hookup and Calibration

Just like your TV your sound system has to be hooked up and calibrated properly to give its best performance. Different types of signals require different types of cables and today’s home theatre receiver is a complex piece of equipment. Not only do you have to make the right type of connections, but inputs have to be assigned and menus have to be set correctly to get everything to work. After that there are a number of settings in the menus in both the receiver and Blu-ray player that have to be set correctly even to get surround sound. Then there are the all important speaker and crossover settings. There is crossover frequency, channel level, speaker distance and the all important subwoofer level and placement.

Home theatre receivers have auto setup routines but still have to be hooked up correctly and speakers and subwoofer have to be placed correctly. Even if you do everything right sometimes auto setup still doesn’t get your settings right and performance will suffer. If you use the auto setup routine you should still confirm all settings manually with a sound level meter and tape measure and by ear. If all this sounds like too much call in an expert. I can take your system from the boxes it came in to a perfectly setup and calibrated system in about a day. I can supply all the cables needed, hook everything up, take care of all menu settings and calibrate your system including your TV, Receiver, and Blu-ray player and show you how to use everything, all for less than the dealer you bought your equipment from would charge.